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Change Is Good

It’s been a while since I posted on my blog. I’ve wanted to, and have had plenty to share, but you know how it goes, life gets busy. So here I am, to give an update about how I’ve been loving (or disliking) my MS life.

After Dr. Chippendale, my neurologist of 20 years, passed away from an aggressive cancer last April, I knew it was going to be impossible for a new doctor to fill his shoes. That being said, I’m doing my research and refuse to settle for a neurologist that doesn’t have a wonderful bedside manner and knows his/her MS. Period. I’ve always preached to fellow patients about the importance of having a neurologist that is not only trustworthy and knowledgeable, but someone they would consider a friend. The relationship you have with your doctor will be one of the most important relationships you will have while battling this dreaded disease.

The last time I was examined by Dr. Chippendale, it was determined that my MS was “worsening”. I knew I had been dealing with some new symptoms Continue reading

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More Than Just a Neurologist

With my neurologist of 17 years.

When you have multiple sclerosis, you need to have a great neurologist. This is not an area where you can compromise.

Whenever I’m speaking with people who are newly diagnosed, one of the first questions I ask is whether they like their neurologist…”Is this a doctor you trust? Someone you can communicate with easily and openly? Someone you like as a person?”

If they answer no to any of those things, I tell them to find a new neurologist. Immediately.

Your neurologist is your partner in fighting MS and someone with whom you must feel comfortable at the most uncomfortable of times.

I was fortunate to meet my neurologist, Dr. Thomas Chippendale of The Neurology Center in San Diego, the week after my primary care physician told me that I had multiple sclerosis.

My first visit to his office included a spinal tap, a.k.a. lumbar puncture. My dad drove me to the appointment with my then-9-month-old son Jake, and they waited for me as I went in Continue reading