These Are a Few (13, Actually) Of My Favorite Things

I don’t consider myself to be a materialistic person. What I value most in life are my family, my friends, my faith and my health. I also have my hobbies and interests that keep me engaged, like photography, sports, playing with my two boxers — and of course, being a mom.

My all-time favorite junk food item: Jack in the Box tacos! Just 99 cents for two tacos filled with a mysterious soy-beef mixture and topped with taco sauce.

But sometimes, certain “things” can make all the difference on a tough MS day. Or they can make a great day even more joyful! Some are necessities for me; other are luxuries. But all of them make me happy.

I thought it would be fun to share with you a short list of some of my favorite things, even though I realize it may put me at risk of being visualized eating tacos in my pajamas while watching TV and laughing so hard that my cheeks hurt. That doesn’t sound so bad right now, actually!

In the comments section, feel free to share with me your favorite things, too.

Arnica Gel. I use this non-sticky gel after any injection that hurts. This homeopathic wonder eases the pain and helps prevent bruising and swelling of my skin. Any health food store should carry it. I get mine at Sprouts.

Super Soft Pajamas. The softer the better. Oh, and no tags — the tags in the back are just plain annoying.

The Schick HydroI’m a little OCD when it comes to many things in life. One is shaving my legs — daily, sometimes twice. I’ve tried all the women’s razors only to be disappointed that I didn’t get a close enough shave. I’ve happily moved on to men’s razors — my current favorite is the Schick Hydro 5.

Cozy Sheets. On my worst MS or migraine days, I take great comfort in my sheets. They are 800 thread count and chocolate-brown. I purchased mine at Costco and love them! Next, I’d like a white set with maybe a thread count of 1,000. My birthday is right around the corner. ; )

Aquaphor. It’s a must on my lips. It’s better than my former favorite, Vaseline. It comes in a small tube and is very moisturizing with a little shine to it. I’m not a lipstick/lip gloss girl unless I’ve got a good reason to get dolled up!

Lululemon PantsThese rather pricey pants are so comfortable I would wear them everyday if I could get away with it. My two favorites are the Relaxed Fit Crop II (everyday wear), and the Astro Pant (for yoga or working out).

Sonicare Toothbrush. Again, OCD rears its ugly head when it comes to my teeth. I brush them a minimum of five times a day. I use the electric Sonicare, it assists me in keeping my oral hygiene a priority. I know this sounds strange, I admit it.

My go-to medicine for bladder issues.

Uristat. I keep it in my purse and take it as soon as I feel bladder issues coming on, which can be often. It has saved me on many occasions while I wait for the Rx from my urologist.

Tacos from Jack in the Box. Two for 99 cents. I grew up on these tacos made with beef and soy. Yes, the meat is the consistency of cat food. But it tastes so good! I don’t partake too often, but once in a while they really hit the spot.

Origins Face Serum. I’ve been using “A Perfect World” age-defense skin guardian with White Tea for years. It feels so silky on my face. I use it in the morning and at night, and I haven’t found anything that comes close to it.

100% Pure Eucalyptus Oil. I love my night-time baths! I add a few drops of this to the warm water to help relax my body and mind after a long day. I soak in my tub before I give myself my daily injection. I find that it really helps ease the pain that comes with the shot.

BD Safe-Clip I have three large sharps containers full of needles from my daily injections. I’ve tried to pawn them off at my doctor’s office or the hospital but they want nothing to do with them. I’m not sure why it took me so long to find the BD Safe-Clip syringe needle clipper. After my shot, I simply clip the needle off and throw the rest of the syringe away (safely). It holds about 1,400 needles! The clippers are less than $5 and so practical!

This show always makes me laugh. Hence, it is a necessary part of my health regimen!

Anything That Makes Me LaughWe all know that laughter is the best medicine!  I find it very easy to laugh every day, and the harder the better. I love when my stomach hurts or tears roll down my face from a good laugh — nothing like it. Funny TV shows, funny books, funny people…I love them all!

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13 thoughts on “These Are a Few (13, Actually) Of My Favorite Things

  1. wesurfandski says:

    Thanks for sharing your favorites. I too love my sonic care along with my diamanté toothpaste:-)

  2. Pati hayes says:

    I think i told you about Arnica, I love Arnica. I buy and give away dozens of the B-D Safe clips. I also have a sonic, cosco sheets and cuddly pjs. As for the tacos, my highschool boyfriend told me they were gerbals so I can’t eat um. Thanks for making me smile today!

  3. Ma says:

    My Keurig coffee brewer. Oh, and my wine cooler refrig….one for am, one for pm.
    Bet you can guess who left this comment for sure. :-}

  4. Paul Evans says:

    finally someone else who eats Jack’s tacos. greatest food at 2AM after a nite of drinking…at least that was the way it was many yers ago in my youth…LOL As far as the needles go, check with your trash pickup company. When I was having to take daily injections, we were told to put them in a container and mark them as used syringes. I used old coffee cans at the time. Try the local garbage people and they should be able to help. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful week.

  5. Shirl says:

    It’s amazing what you learn about a person after knowing them for years! YOU are in my top 13 favorites – I love ya, ya know!

  6. Sarah Harris says:

    I love the Jack in the Box tacos and you are only the 3rd person ever that is willing to admit it!! And I am obsessed with teeth you have such a beautiful smile and share it generously which makes it priceless!

  7. LoveMyMSLife says:

    Thank you for the comments, it makes my day knowing you are reading my blog and take the time to write! xo

  8. Steph Butcher says:

    It’s my first time checking out your blog… are amazing!

  9. Try the Cystex Plus tablets – for me they work much better than Uristat! And putting a cold compress on the injection site for about 10 minutes after the shot almost completely eliminates the discomfort or bruising (for me, anyway). Thanks for your blog, it’s great!

  10. Michelle says:

    Tricia! I love this favorite things list. It reminds me of Oprah’s favorite things she did around Christmas and I could rely on her taste to the point that I’d look only to that for any self indulgent ideas. Your list is very similar!! I love it and I love you! Hope you are well today and looking forward to reading more. xx

  11. Melissa Jones says:

    I am so sorry it’s been so long since I last checked your blog. I have been looking for something t0 use on my shot injection sites, and thanks to your blog, I will be heading to Sprouts today to buy Arnica gel. Could have used it weeks, months, okay years ago, but it’s never to late to start. Thank you, and hope you are well!

  12. Love your blogs! Especially the favourite things! Mmmmmmm, tacos!

  13. UrFirst says:

    2 Tacos are amazing! The 3rd is okay…. and the 4th… um…not so good….

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