An Old Video, a Little Piece of Me

As I prepare for the big Walk MS event in late April, I’ve been spending more time than usual on the MS Society website. The other day I came across this video — talk about a blast from the past!

In 2005, the San Diego chapter of the National MS Society made the video about my journey living with MS. The goal was to raise awareness by attaching a face (mine) to the disease.

Hard to believe that it was seven years ago, but not hard to believe when I see myself on video and hear my son Jake’s little boy voice. He’s now finishing up his senior year in high school, and is very much a man!

In many ways, this is difficult for me to watch. Not just because my speech was slow and broken (a symptom of my MS at the time) or because I’m sobbing at the end, with a good chunk of time devoted to me wiping my tears and snot in slow motion for dramatic effect!

It’s difficult because it brings back memories of a tough time in my life. I was going through chemotherapy. In fact, I had an infusion the day before filming. It explains my weak emotional state and my short hair — it was thinning out and I had just donated 12 inches to Locks of Love. I remember breaking down on video when Jake left the room and the interviewer asked me “What do you worry most about?”

I’d like to share this little snapshot of my life with you, even though it’s not me at my best. It’s raw and true and maybe it will help others who are struggling with MS. As strange as it sounds, I think that seeing someone being vulnerable and open about the effects of this disease can be a good reminder that you’re not alone.

Before I end this post, I’d like to remind you again of the upcoming Walk MS event in San Diego on Saturday, April 28. You are cordially invited to join my team, Team Hope, and either walk with us or support us with a donation of any amount.

Love, blessings and HOPE.

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8 thoughts on “An Old Video, a Little Piece of Me

  1. I will watch this but not right now… Thanks for sharing and I promise to comment after I watch it.

  2. Shelly Philipp says:

    Oh my God. That made me cry. You and Jake are amazing! Prayers to both of you. I wish I could participate in the walk.

  3. Tim Salmon says:

    Amazing what you have been through in the past, and how you strong you have become. A true MS warrior. We are so proud of you, and lucky to be your friends fighting this disease together. WE WILL BEAT MS……

  4. Rich Israel says:

    This video has inspired me for years! I continue to share it with those who are still learning about what it’s like to live with MS. Thanks for your candor and selfless vulnerability!

  5. A beautiful video. I am so blessed to find your blog. I have a little boy and girl. Seeing you reminds me of me. I am in some sort of diagnosis process right now and despite my brave face, the tears of fear and pain seem like they can come at any moment. Thank you for shining a light in the darkness.
    Big hugs and blessings sent your way.

  6. […] The first 5 min. video was made by the National MS Society about 7 years ago briefly profiling Trici…. I linked you to her page – perhaps too many steps in blogging etiquette – but I wanted you to get her perspective before watching it – and to browse her blog if you want to learn more. […]

  7. […] in so much work as team captain! I also serve as one of the MS Champions for the event, sharing my MS story and providing a face to the cause for riders who don’t personally know someone with […]

  8. […] in so much work as team captain! I also serve as one of the MS Champions for the event, sharing my MS story and providing a face to the cause for riders who don’t personally know someone with […]

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