Why I Walk, and Why You Should Too

Multiple sclerosis is different for everyone.

I have the kind of MS that stole the vision in my left eye when I was 13.

Join Team Hope for Walk MS in San Diego

Put your walking shoes on and join Team Hope on April 28.

I have the kind of MS that threatens me with blindness when my “good eye” goes bad, requiring a few days of IV steroids to recover.

I have the kind of MS that required implant surgery so my bladder can empty without having to self catheterize five to six times per day.

I have the kind of MS that prevents me from walking too far without my feet or legs going numb.

I have the kind of MS that makes being a single mom the most difficult yet important and rewarding job in my world.

I have the kind of MS that anyone you know could be diagnosed with tomorrow.

I have the kind of MS that needs to be cured.

That’s why for 17 years I’ve been captaining a team in San Diego for Walk MS, one of the National MS Society’s signature fundraising events. It’s always one of my favorite days of the year.

With the help and support of my family and friends, Team Hope has been able to raise more than a quarter of a million dollars to help find a cause and cure for this unpredictable disease.

Some years my team has been as small as nine walkers, other years it’s been as big as 200 walkers. But every year, the beautiful three-mile walk along the San Diego waterfront is an opportunity to feel the support of the entire community and meet new people who want to help put an end to MS.

I’d be honored if you would join me  this year, whether in person or in spirit. The event is on Saturday April 28. If you’d like to participate by walking with Team Hope or support us with a donation of any amount, please visit my Team Hope website.

If you’re not from San Diego but would like to get involved in your city, look online to find a Walk MS event near you.

The disease may be different for everyone, but Walk MS is proof that we are stronger when we work together.

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2 thoughts on “Why I Walk, and Why You Should Too

  1. Ma says:

    One year I walked both days and had to recouperate for a week. (not the smartest thing I’ve ever done) This year I’m going to walk after a partial knee replacement last July. I will never give up the fight for a cure and a world free of MS. I am so very proud of you baby and your fighting spirit.

  2. […] This cause means a lot to her personally so check out her page to learn why she walks. […]

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