The Very Best Medicine

MS wiped me out last Thursday. It started when I woke up, feeling like my energy had been stolen from me. I rarely suffer from the extreme fatigue that a lot of people with MS deal with every day. So when it hits me I don’t take it well. I’m grateful I’m not experiencing it day in and day out, and I have great sympathy for those who do.

On Friday I made it out of my house, still not feeling great, to meet with a friend and get some work done. As we chatted, I laughed…and realized how much I had missed laughter the day before when I was feeling miserable. Laughter felt so good!

So I put together a short list of some funny videos that will reliably put a smile on my face (and yours) on those bad days. If you need a little pick me up — and if you happen to share my crazy sense of humor — then maybe these will help.

I’d love to grow my collection, so please take a minute to post your favorite funny video, photo, story — whatever makes you laugh!

1. Tiny panda, big sneeze, lots of laughs 🙂

2. Post wisdom-teeth insights.

3. The wooden spoon trick. Some people may say this is mean, but it makes me laugh. Can’t help it! Even funnier since I can’t understand what they’re saying!

4. Baby trashes bar. Love the fanny pack.

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5 thoughts on “The Very Best Medicine

  1. one of the million reasons I love you ~ your crazy sense of humor! Saw the spoon trick video a few weeks ago… knew you’d crack up at it!!! ❤

  2. Sarah Harris says:

    The Unicorn is the BEST!

  3. […] That Makes Me Laugh. We all know that laughter is the best medicine!  I find it very easy to laugh every day, and the harder the better. I love when my stomach hurts […]

  4. […] depressed sometimes and needs to rely on my favorite people, movies, and inspirational quotes to cheer me up and help me see past the challenges. It’s also really helpful for me to lean on the MS […]

  5. larryhonline says:

    Made me laugh. Thank you.

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